Crawl Space Encapsulation may sound like an effect in a sci-fi movie but in reality, it could save your homes crawl space and improve the air in your home

Some of the indicators that a crawl space should be inspected and possibly encapsulated include stale, musty odors coming from the crawl space and signs of mold contamination.
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Crawl space encapsulation in Wichita, Kansas, may seem like an odd process but it can be highly effective in keeping certain issues from happening or reoccurring. Encapsulation might still be a bit of a confusing thought as to how it’s done and what it accomplishes. So let’s talk about it.


Encapsulation is essentially a sealing technique. Encapsulation of a crawl space in Wichita, Kansas, would mean lining the ground and foundation walls with a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier, creating a moisture barrier, sealing foundation vents and insulated walls. Sealing tape is used to connect the barrier’s pieces throughout the space, and once the space is sealed, a dehumidifier helps regulate your crawl space’s moisture level.


When deciding if encapsulation is the best course of action in Wichita, Kansas, it helps to consider that there are multiple reasons why people may decide to have crawl space encapsulation done, and in places where humidity can be high, it is especially prudent to consider this option when it is recommended.

Many of the reasons a crawl space is considered or recommended will have precursor signs that something is awry in the crawl space in Wichita, Kansas. Some of the indicators that a crawl space should be inspected and possibly encapsulated include stale, musty odors coming from the crawl space and signs of mold contamination. You’ll notice on the list below that many of the reasons for crawl space encapsulation develop in part due to excess moisture and humidity. 

Signs and reasons to consider crawl space encapsulation:

  • Mold contamination
  • Musty odor from crawl space
  • Escalated home cooling and heating costs
  • Wet insulation
  • Pest infestation


There are many benefits to having a crawl space encapsulated in Wichita, Kansas. Even if the encapsulation had been done for only one of the reasons listed above, the benefits will include those listed below.

Once the moisture/vapor barrier is installed in a crawl space the benefits include:

  • Improved air quality and comfort in the home
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Deter insects, rodents, and other pests
  • Lower utility costs
  • Improved structural integrity

There are a couple of things to remember when considering crawl space encapsulation in Wichita, Kansas. Among those things is that encapsulation may require maintenance and can be costly. Even with the cost factor, it is not a DIY project and it is highly recommended that crawl space encapsulation be done by a professional. And in cases where encapsulation is the solution, it is best to view it as an investment not just in your home, but for your and your family’s health. 

If you are dealing with crawl space issues as mentioned above, please give FreshCo a call. We can help get your crawl space back to its best condition as well as protect your home in Wichita, Kansas, from any issues that could occur due to excessive humidity and moisture in the crawl space.

“FreshCo was very professional and thorough and their mold investigation. They also safely removed contamination.”

— Carrie L. in Wichita, Kansas

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