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As a property manager, you need reliable support to ensure the safety and success of your properties. Our team offers expert services in water damage consulting, mold inspections, mold remediation, and unattended death/biological cleaning. Let us help you keep your properties clean, safe, and in compliance with regulations. Trust our experts to handle the details and keep your properties profitable.

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Our Promise To You

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We started the water damage consulting department to bridge the gap between the non-certified maintenance men that do the work and the high cost of having a professional complete all the work at your facility. You supply the manpower and we make sure it’s done to the highest industry standard through inspections and reports at each critical stage of the loss.

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Affordable detailed inspections that not only identify contamination but also get to the root of why you have the problem in the first place. With a thorough visual inspection and a moisture analysis of the property, you will have a clear picture of what is happening in your building. 

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FreshCo’s trained and certified mold remediation technicians and our documented processes coupled with our dedicated turnaround time will help get tenants back in so that you do not lose money on a vacant unit.

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Do not handle this alone. When it comes to a tragedy, we are here to make the process as smooth and as comforting as possible. We will ensure that all items are cared for respectfully and document the entire process for accuracy and thoroughness. We are always discreet and never advertise what we are doing. Notice the difference not only as we restore the damage, but do so in the most dignified and respectful way possible. 

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Maintenance Training

At our company, we go beyond just providing property management support. As part of our promise to you, we offer comprehensive maintenance training to equip your staff with the necessary skills to effectively handle emergency situations such as water damage.

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Discounted Pricing on Non-Insurance Claims

We understand the financial challenges of property management, which is why we offer discounted pricing on non-insurance claims as part of our commitment to delivering value to our clients. With our competitive rates, you can save on repair and maintenance costs without compromising on quality.

Now serving salina, mcpherson, hutchinson, wichita, and surrounding areas!

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