Will Kilz or other similar mold-resistant paint primer actually kill mold? Or will the mold-resistant paint primer be just a band-aid covering a larger issue?

While Kilz can help in preventing mold or mildew, if mold and mildew are already present it is best to have the mold remediated and then paint with Kilz does not remove or remediate mold.
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This is a question one might ask themselves in Great Bend, Kansas, if they discover discoloration or stain from mold or mildew. It’s true that the product says that it can work on mold, but let’s delve a bit deeper as to what that exactly means.


… unfortunately no. While Kilz can help in preventing mold or mildew, if mold and mildew are already present it is best to have the mold remediated and then paint with Kilz does not remove or remediate mold in Great Bend, Kansas. If mold is not present, then painting with Kilz will have some advantages in helping to protect your home from mold or mildew. However, if mold is present, it is important to consider a few things before deciding how to take care of a mold issue.


Kilz is widely used as a paint primer because it can help in preventing mold or mildew growth from starting due to it having a EPA-mildewcide included in the paint primer mixture. However, as mentioned above, if mold or mildew is already an issue in a home in Great Bend, Kansas, Kilz does not kill, remediate, or remove mold or mildew. So Kilz works to proactively prevent mold, NOT reactively kill mold.


It’s true that a person could paint over mold in Great Bend, Kansas, with Kilz, but there are two good reasons that this is not the best idea.

  1. The mold needs to be addressed and remediated.
  2. The underlying issue causing the mold contamination needs to be identified and fixed.

Only after these two things occur should Kilz be used, if at all. If these two things do not occur, this can lead to major issues in the future of your home in Great Bend, Kansas with further and more extensive mold contamination occurring–as well as concern for the health of yourself and your family, as mold can cause serious air quality issues in a home.


It isn’t quite a thing but rather an action – remediation is the only true way to get rid of and effectively “kill” mold in that it can no longer grow and contaminate. Kilz is effective as a mold and mildew resistant paint primer before any mold or mildew occurs or after mold has been remediated and mildew has been removed. If mold is an issue, it is best to remediate and find the source that is causing the mold before painting any walls in Great Bend, Kansas. 

If you suspect or have found mold contamination in your home in Great Bend, Kansas, and are thinking of using Kilz, please give FreshCo Cleaning and Restoration a call. We can perform a mold inspection to not only find the source and extent of the mold contamination but also perform the remediation to truly make your home mold free. We are here to help!

“They are as good of a business as I’ve ever dealt with – home services or otherwise. Extraordinarily good communication throughout and a perfect job with a complicated situation. Could not recommend more.”

— Christopher J. of Wichita, Kansas

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