It may be difficult to decide whether to have a foundation inspection or when to do so. There are many reasons to have one, but most importantly it is the foundation which your home stands on.

It’s true we all wish that our houses had no foundation cracks, but some can actually be normal. On the flip side, some foundation cracks can indicate a possible or upcoming structural issue if not corrected.
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Whether you have just moved into a recently built home or one that has been around for many years in Hutchinson, Kansas, you might wonder based on cracks in the foundation if an inspection is necessary. Some cracks are viewed as normal, while others may be a sign of foundation issues that will lead to structural issues.


It’s true we all wish that our houses in Hutchinson, Kansas had no foundation cracks, but some can actually be normal. On the flip side, some foundation cracks can indicate a possible or upcoming structural issue if not corrected. Given that there are several types of foundation cracks, the following list shows the most serious to the least according to foundation experts:

  • Horizontal cracks
  • Stair step cracks
  • Diagonal cracks
  • Vertical cracks

Horizontal cracks and stair step cracks are viewed as the more serious types of foundation cracks because they can quickly lead to severe structural issues.  Diagonal and vertical cracks are usually considered as less serious and can normally be fixed with crack injections that seal up the crack.

Since horizontal and stair step cracks are the more serious of the four, if you notice these types of foundation cracks it is encouraged to have those inspected as soon as possible. Unfortunately, fixing foundation cracks that can damage a home’s structural integrity can be costly in Hutchinson, Kansas. However, it is best to fix these types of cracks as soon as possible to keep the repair costs down as much as possible. 


  • Interior cracks over top of window and door frames
  • Doors or cabinets that do not open or close properly
  • Sloping or slanted floors
  • Moisture pooling underneath a crawl space
  • Counters or cabinets that separate from the wall

If you have seen significant cracks in your foundation in Hutchinson, Kansas and notice that these other signs are also occurring, having a foundation inspection would be a good idea. 


Your foundation being a crucial component of your home, it is important to prevent potential problems from occurring and addressing any current problems that have occurred. So despite finding or not finding any foundation cracks, it is also a good idea to have periodic inspections in Hutchinson, Kansas. The usual recommended time frame is every 5-7 years, depending on the age of your home, where your home is located, and other outside factors such as weather. 


There are many reasons to consider having a foundation inspection in Hutchinson, Kansas and whatever the reason you may be considering it, a foundation inspection will provide you with answers and solutions – if necessary. 

It can be a nervous and anxious task to consider a foundation inspection because it is quite literally the foundation of your home. As anxious a task as it may be, it is truly better to know about current foundation problems and prevent potential problems in the future. If you are considering a foundation inspection in Hutchinson, Kansas, remember us. We at FreshCo Cleaning and Restoration will perform a foundation inspection, letting you know if there are any issues or potential issues with the accompanying solutions. We are here to help.

“Inspector was very respectful and were well educated and showed real genuine interest for me and my family.”

— Georgia H. in Wichita, Kansas

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