Bathrooms and Mold: Why are bathrooms so susceptible to mold? And why does the mold you cleaned keep coming back?

Mold essentially needs two things to grow: excess moisture and nutrients (paper, cloth, wood, and more) to “eat.” Unfortunately, bathrooms are exposed to a lot of moisture due to baths, showers, and multiple water sources.
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Mold can be an intrusive force when it meets the right conditions. This is because mold is everywhere; as we’ve talked about in past blogs, it is literally everywhere. It has a lot of good and helpful properties for nature, but when it meets the right conditions in a home it can be a problem for the family and the home in Park City, Kansas, itself. Unfortunately, bathrooms can fit the exact needs of mold.


Mold essentially needs two things to grow: excess moisture and nutrients (paper, cloth, wood, and more) to “eat.” Unfortunately, bathrooms are exposed to a lot of moisture due to baths, showers, and multiple water sources. When this happens and mold is present and allowed to settle, it can begin to grow and cause immediate and future issues in Park City, Kansas. But how would one keep moisture from being an issue in a bathroom? It’s a bathroom!


Just as mentioned above, moisture is the main cause of mold growth in a bathroom. So there have to be preventative measures to keep the moisture to a reasonable level because no bathroom is going to be moisture-free. It’s just not possible when there are that many water sources in one place in a home in Park City, Kansas.

The following are simple but effective preventative measures to take against mold in the bathroom especially:

  • Turn on the bathroom fan and leave on for 30 minutes after a shower/bath.

  • Open windows during or after a shower, if you have them and if reasonable to do so.

  • Hang your loofah, sponge, or wash rag to dry, don’t leave against a bathroom surface.

  • Put shower products on a rack or shelf away from bathroom surfaces.

  • Squeegee after every shower.

  • Use a daily shower spray.

  • Keep the door or shower curtain open after a shower.

  • Wash towels frequently.

  • Wash your shower curtain and liner regularly.

  • Wash bath mats regularly.

  • Use a dehumidifier, if you have one.

  • Wipe up standing water when you see it.

  • Replace cracking bathroom grout.


Mold can be quite mischievous and is very good at hiding, which means that at times the source of the issue is hidden and inaccessible. Seeing signs of mold or actual mold on a surface can be a clue to a bigger picture happening in areas that are going unseen. This means that in circumstances where mold has been cleaned repeatedly on a surface but keeps returning, the issue may go deeper than the surface. And given that a bathroom is naturally a moisture-rich environment, once mold has started to grow, unless it is remediated, it will be an issue in a home in Park City, Kansas.

If you’ve been dealing with repetitive issues with mold or have started to notice clues that mold may be an issue in any part of your home, it is time to take things to the next level to get it remediated completely. We offer services that can help! We can help get your bathroom mold free and help ease your worry. Contact us using the form below or give us a call today!

“Awesome start to finish. Helped address some HVAC and plumbing issues I didn’t even know I had after they used their camera in the duct work. Great customer service!!!”

— Blair S., in Wichita, Kansas

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